Custom Pet Portraits in Oil or Pencil
Pets4Ever pet portraits
Custom Pet Portraits in Oil or Pencil
After my Chocolate Lab, Jake, passed away I wanted to
honor his memory by painting his portrait.  I was deeply
moved painting him; it was as if he was brought to life on

When I was restructured out of my corporate management
job of 28 years, it was an easy decision to retire and paint
pet portraits.  I wanted to bring the joy to others that I felt
seeing Jake's image on canvas.  I will have him with me
forever in my heart and on canvas.

I'm thankful for the gift I was given for the love of pets and a
way to express that love on canvas.

I look forward to sharing this gift with you by painting or
drawing your pet’s portrait, giving you a lasting memory of a
special member of your family.

My husband, Larry, and I live in Atlanta, Georgia, and share
our home with Gabby, our cat and our three dogs, Jessie,
Ana and Sarah.

Bonnie Carrigan
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