Pets4Ever pet portraits
Custom Pet Portraits in Oil or Pencil
Gallery 2
Allie and Alex
Inseparable buddies rescued together into a loving home.
Rising Sun, Indiana
Ginger's portrait was a gift to
Diana for her 50th birthday
from her sister, Danette.
Diana's comment, "the
portrait is amazing! I will
cherish it for years to come!"  
Cumming, Georgia
Carmen in the "Ruff"
Carmen loved to ride around town with her Dad on the golf cart.
Rising Sun, Indiana
Golden Joy
Otis was adopted as
a special needs
dog.  He had a
deformed leg. His
new parents
provided him with a
necessary operation
so he could walk

Grand Rapids, MI
Beloved Daisy who was always on the bed with the kids when Mom read
to them. Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan                       
Jake beloved by Tom and
Nancy of Grand Rapids, MI