Pets4Ever pet portraits
Custom Pet Portraits in Oil or Pencil
Gallery 4
Rocky - Roswell, GA

Jake - Destin, FL
pencil portrait
Robbinsville, NJ
Dewey and Kane - Woodstock, GA
Van surprised his wife, Susan, with an
oil portrait of their rescue Greyhounds.  
Susan designed the portrait not knowing
Van had commissioned it.
Woodstock, Georgia
Italian Greyhound
The following was posted on
his Mom's Blog website -
Rue Mouffetard.

The Big Guy is gone but his
leash will hang by the front door
Boo, the Great Pyrenees, lived
in Marietta, GA., with a Mom
and Dad who spoiled him every
day of his life.  He was a
member of the family, frequently
enjoying his favorite treats; ice
cream and cookies.
Sidney - Destin, FL
Jessie, Gabby, Ana and Sarah