Pets4Ever pet portraits
Custom Pet Portraits in Oil or Pencil
Portrait Options  for one pet with standard background:

Single Head Shot               11” x 14”         $275
Single Head Shot               12" x 16"         $300
Single Head Shot               16” x 20”         $350                               
Full Body – one subject      11” x 14”         $375
Full Body - one subject       12" x 16"         $400
Full Body – one subject      16” x 20”         $450
Oil or Pencil – fees are the same

More than one pet in portrait available for additional fee.
Custom backgrounds available for additional fee.
Other sizes available upon request
Photography guidelines

  • Provide a clear, color photograph taken at eye level with your pet, capturing your pet’s special
    expression and spirit.
  • Ensure photo is clear and close up on head shot to show detail of your pet; eyes should be
    clearly reflected in the photograph. If photo to be used for the portrait doesn't reflect the true
    color of your pet's eyes, send an additional photo that does.
  • Can use more than one photo; indicate what you like about the pet in the photo (truest coat or
    eye color, best expression or pose etc).
  • Indicated if special instructions i.e. Collar on or off.

Terms and Conditions

  • All orders must include a $50.00 non-refundable deposit
  • Accept cash, money order or check with all orders paid in full before shipment
  • A $35.00 charge will be applied to all NSF checks
  • Shipping costs are not included and are the responsibility of the client
  • All work is guaranteed to your satisfaction.
  • All work is copyright of artist and may not be reproduced without artist’s permission